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Together we will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, fostering an emotional well-being that will endure in your personal journey.

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"As many people know, life isn't always free of stress or hardship. When those challenging times arise, I'm here to equip you with the tools to cope with problems more easily, helping you stay stable and in control until you come out the other side."



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Strong self-esteem is what allows you to feel confident. It is directly linked to self-assurance, performance, social anxiety, decision-making, and practically everything in our lives.


Addiction is not just about achieving abstinence, it is about achieving a better quality of life after therapy, just as I have done, which is always my goal for my patients.


Insecurity can manifest in various aspects of a person's personality and life for different reasons. A key factor underlying most insecurities is a certain level of low self-esteem.


Do you find it hard to say "No" and end up saying "Yes" most of the time? Being assertive allows you to stand up for yourself in a respectful and reasonable way and say what you think andwhat you prefer.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder is a common type of anxiety disorder.

It may cause anxiety or fear due to concern about being humiliated, judged or rejected.

Life Restructuring

After a Trauma or when recovering from an Addiction, it is necessary to make substantial and concrete changes in your life.

These changes allow for progress and reestablishment, which takes time and there are tools available.


When it comes to general mental health or addiction issues, one factor that is rarely taken into account are your blood sugar levels. 

Keeping blood sugar levels stable is a crucial factor that affects us in many ways....

How I Will Help You


Bilingual Therapy

Bilingual therapy offers an inclusive platform that allows patients to express their emotions and thoughts in the language they are most comfortable with. This facilitates a deeper connection between therapist and patient, promoting an effective and personalized therapeutic process.


Online or video call therapy

Online therapy provides the convenience of accessing support from the comfort of your home, eliminating geographical barriers. Online therarpy can provide a more relaxed environment, conducive to open expression and building strong therapeutic relationships.

Your New Life



Total Commitment

As a therapist, I am committed to deeply understanding each individual's experiences. I pride myself on offering empathetic support and customized therapeutic strategies tailored to each person's specific needs.



My experience is not only based on my years of study but also on personal experiences that enable me to accompany you with genuine understanding and empathy.

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My therapeutic approach is well-suited to the online space. I use proven methods that facilitate meaningful connections through the screen, creating a safe and supportive space.

You can expect to receive the same quality of care as in face-to-face sessions. The online modality does not compromise the effectiveness of the therapy, and I will adapt my approach to fit this modality.

I offer additional resources, such as suggested readings or practical exercises, that can strengthen and enrich our therapy, adapting them to the digital environment.

I can be flexible in scheduling sessions, even outside of regular hours, in situations of need or urgency.

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